The Pledge

Say ‘Yes’ to a more bereaved-friendly community!

Since May 2021, we invited bereaved persons and the helping professionals to weave remembrance balls and yarn butterflies as part of a community art project – Tapestries of Grief: Witnessing through Art Therapy. Following this and in September, talks, workshops and a conference are organised to better equip the community to support the bereaved. 

As we embrace and weave all colour threads of stories on love and life into Tapestries of Grief, we urge you to join us by pledging your support to make Singapore a more bereaved-friendly community. Quotes from the bereaved and the helping professionals who participated in the community art project were used to curate this Pledge.


As our collective expressions weave a tapestry of grief

We honour individual experiences as authentic and unique

Yet there are common elements, intertwined like shadows of grey and glimmers of light

Bonding us as one humanity.

We embrace all colour threads of stories on love and life

With presence, without judgement

We are committed to build a safe sanctuary

To cradle the sacred narratives that each of us embodies.

The common yarn of loss and longing binds us as we knit our hearts as one

Stitching together cherished memories; celebrating life, with courage and compassion

We pledge to always remain open and inclusive

To shape and be shaped by the bereavement journey.

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