Welcome Message

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

The second Grief and Bereavement Conference (GBC2021) is finally here!

This year, the organising committee adopted the theme “Tapestries of Grief” – whether we are bereaved, health or social care practitioners, academics, faith leaders, educators, counsellors, therapists and service providers of death-related services, we collectively shape and are being shaped by the experience of bereavement.

The conference will offer different threads of learning without us leaving our homes and offices. We have invited both international and local speakers to weave various contemporary tapestries to inform us on the unique and universal facets of grief and the support network that holds space for its manifestations in healthcare settings and the community.

Come find out the efforts of the Australian and Taiwan societies in caring for the bereaved. Discover how the dual-process model continues to provide us with the lens to understand the whole-person experience of bereavement. Attend a masterclass on delivering grief therapy virtually in these times of great physical constrain. By popular demand, we will continue to offer a pre-conference workshop introducing the fundamentals of grief and bereavement care which is well-suited for beginning professionals, volunteers, grassroots and faith leaders.

A special feature of this year’s conference is the collaboration with Grief Matters, and multiple partners to co-construct a public art installation that allows the local community to behold the otherwise invisible faces of grief. Virtual talks and experiential workshops are offered by the various partners to improve grief literacy in the community.

Let us dedicate the month of September in 2021 to nourish our head, heart and hands for the service to the bereaved.

On behalf of the Organising Committee, may I extend our warmest invitation to you to be part of this multi-layered tapestry that lays the foundation of a more bereaved-friendly community.

Ms Chee Wai Yee
Organising Committee
Grief and Bereavement Conference 2021